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Accreditations - delivering freedom to operate

Dunns are proud of their food safety, legality and quality, they are accredited for BRC Global Standard for Food Safety, Version 7.

Dunns are also fully accredited for Merchanting, Testing, Storage and Processing under TASCC codes and are also fully certified for the processing of Organic produce under the Soil Association.

Dunns are regularly audited by customers to ensure our produce is of a suitable standard, we are happy to supply all relevant documentation on request.

Dunns offer a wide range of contract opportunities to growers for both seed and human consumption pulses

Buyback contracts give the grower confidence of a guaranteed end market for their product as well as locking in a percentage of profit to help mitigate price risk.



Pulse Buybacks

Buyback contracts are available on many pulse varieties, most are based on a fixed price with fall-backs dependent on quality testing at intake. However Dunns are willing to look at different pricing structures to suit individual growers.

Dunns have exclusivity of the marrowfat pea Kabuki, which has won the annual accolade of British Edible Pulse Associations (BEPA) National Champion for Quality 7 times. We have many customers that request Kabuki by name for its unrivalled quality and colour retention, meaning Dunns are always looking for new contract growers.

Seed Growing Contracts

Dunns have a very reliable and dedicated group of seed growers however we always welcome enquiries from potential new growers.

We provide a variety of different growing contracts including open priced, fixed price and premium over fixed feed base.Dunns work closely with many of the seed breeders and are regularly multiplying seed for new varieties on the HGCA candidate list, giving growers potential to grow up and coming varieties before they are commercially available.


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