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Dunns have a brand new laboratory facility which houses a range of state of the art equipment.

Redeveloped in 2015, our TASCC certified laboratory assists the business in managing the quality of both seed and human consumption products from farm to customer. Qualified National Institute of Agriculture Botany (NIAB) trained staff enables the laboratory to operate as a Licenced Seed Testing Station (LSTS). Through stringent licensing conditions and close NIAB monitoring, the LSTS licensing enables staff to perform “on site” official testing and certification of seeds.

A range of analysis is available, including moisture, purity and germination, the laboratories primary functions include:
• Farm sample analysis on seed and human consumption crops.
• Intake analysis on all commodities before processing.
• Quality control during the manufacturing processes.
• Official analysis of seed samples to meet both UK legislation and EU regulations.
• To provide an active release program for our human consumption products ensuring defined quality standards.
• Assisting with the development of the manufacturing process and the Company’s Food Safety Management System.


Daily Intake

This involves weighing in and out bulk lorries being delivered on a daily basis and taking samples from these lorries to ensure the product we are bringing in meets our intake specification. This applies for both human consumption product and seed products. We do a variety of testing in a timely manner to ensure the product meets the set specification for either human consumption or seed. Testing includes; moisture, hectolitre weight, screening over specified screens for admixture and waste and a search through the sample to look for foreign material and other species. For the human consumption samples we also test for bleaching, cracked seed coats, staining and insect damage for peas and for beans we test for staining and also a percentage for bruchid beetle damage.

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Daily QC

We do a number of daily check samples as the product is being processed along the lines to ensure that the finished product will meet the required specifications before the product is bagged. These tests include searches for foreign matter and other species and for human consumption samples testing for cracked seed coats and insect damage to ensure that the product still meets our end specification.


As an LSTS Dunns are responsible for the certification of the seed lots that we produce. This involves creating the lots, ensuring that record of the lots are lodged with the ministry and carrying out the testing on the submitted samples. Such as carrying out the purity and search testing on the sample and also the germination test. After doing this testing we then ensure that the results meet the required certification standards before we can then certify the seed.

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