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Seed Dressings

Cereal Seeds

  • Redigo Pro

    Redigo Pro protects against all important seed and soil borne wheat diseases. Its two advanced actives work together by acting inside germinating seedlings.
    Active ingredients – prothioconazole and tebuconazole.

Additional Treatments

  • Austral Plus - Fludioxonil and Tefluthrin

    Protects against seed and soil borne disease plus insecticide to protect against wheat bulb fly and wireworm. Often used following sugar beet or vining peas where wheat bulb fly could be a problem or after grass where wireworm may be a problem.

  • Beret Gold

    Beret Gold is a broad spectrum seed treatment giving excellent disease control for wheat. Containing 25g Fludioxonil, Beret Gold gives superior control of Fusarium and Microdochium Nivale and covers Septoria Nodorum, soil-borne bunt and covered smut, giving excellent coverage. Beret Gold is the best choice single-purpose treatment for your wheat seed as such it is our product of choice.

  • Deter

    Seed treatment for winter crops of barley, wheat, oats, durum wheat, rye and triticale to control virus vector aphids and prevent the spread of Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus infection; also improves crop establishment by reducing damage caused by wireworms and slugs and suppresses the activity of leafhoppers in early spring.

  • Latitude - Silthiofam

    Applied with a single purpose treatment, Latitude gives excellent control of Take-all. Popular on 2nd / 3rd wheats where Take-all risk is high.

  • Vibrance Duo

    Approved for use in winter wheat, winter triticale, winter rye and spring oats, VIBRANCE® DUO is the first UK seed treatment to use Syngenta’s all new SDHI fungicide, sedaxane. Sedaxane provides outstanding control of key establishment diseases. But it also goes further: trials have shown it can substantially boost early root development. By combining sedaxane with fludioxonil – noted in BERET® GOLD for its ‘flying start’ to crop growth – VIBRANCE® DUO brings a whole new perspective to crop establishment success.

Nutrient Treatments

  • New Managnese Solution - Manganese Nitrate

    Used in manganese deficient areas, ensure manganese is immediately available to the germinating seed rather than having to wait for good foliar cover to apply a manganese spray.

  • Turbo

    TURBO has been designed to:

    • Increase emergence rates.
    • Increase uniform establishment.
    • Increase nutrient availability.
    • Insures against risk in stressed conditions.


  • Hypro Duet

    Agrichem HY-PRO Duet is a fungicide seed treatment for winter oilseed rape. It gives you control of the most important diseases including damping off diseases and Phoma.


  • Thiraflo

    A Thiram based seed treatment for the control of damping-off.

  • Wakil XL

    Provides control against Downey mildew, Pythium damping off and Ascochyta complex. Also helps improve establishment leading to potential increased yield.

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