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Cereals - Winter Barley Seed


Six-row hybrid - Breeder: Syngenta


Six-row hybrid - Breeder: Syngenta


Two-row malting - Breeder: Limagrain


Two-row malting - Breeder: Syngenta

KWS Orwell

Two-row feed - Breeder: KWS


Malting - Breeder: Syngenta
  • High yields, excellent malting potential.
  • Full IBD (Institute of Brewing and Distilling) for brewing production
  • BaYMV resistance and a good specific weight


Feed - Breeder: KWS
  • The UKs no.1 winter barley
  • Exceptional yields in the East
  • Top yielding two-row on heavy land
  • Consistent over years
  • Short straw and good resistance to wet weather diseases
  • Superb specific weight

Cereals - Winter Wheat Seed

LG Skyscraper

Group 4 Softs - Breeder: Limagrain

LG Sundance

Group 4 Softs - Breeder: Limagrain

LG Motown

Group 4 Softs - Breeder: Limagrain


Group 4 Hards - Breeder: RGT


Group 4 Hards - Breeder: Syngenta


Group 4 Hards - Breeder: Syngenta

KWS Kerrin

Group 4 Hards - Breeder: KWS

JB Diego

Group 4 Hards - Breeder: Senova


Group 4 Hards - Breeder: Syngenta

KWS Barrel

Group 3 - Breeder: KWS


Group 3 - Breeder: Elsoms

KWS Siskin

Group 2 - Breeder: KWS


Group 1 - Breeder: Syngenta

KWS Zyatt

Group 1 - Breeder: KWS


Group 1 - Breeder: Limagrain


Group 1 - Breeder: RGT


Group 1 - Breeder: Limagrain

Crusoe is a nabim Group 1 variety with excellent milling characteristics producing high rates of flour extraction and appealing white flour, offering growers the potential for milling premiums in the domestic market. Crusoe can also meet the specifications of the export market giving growers a choice of premium market outlets.

Crusoe has a very good resistance profile for all the major foliar diseases – mildew, the rusts and Septoria tritici – making it an easy variety to manage. Higher levels of Brown Rust were recorded in the 2011 season; growing crops should be monitored and treated accordingly.

Consistent milling variety that is well accepted by the end market.


Group 4 hards - Breeder: Limagrain
  • Performs consistently in yield over years, regions and rotational situations
  • Exceptional second wheat yield
  • Suitable for later drilling
  • Very strong disease profile
  • Yields well both treated and untreated
  • Performs very well under low inputs

KWS Crispin

Group 4 hards - Breeder: KWS
  • A clean ‘cheap to grow’ variety with good physical grain quality
  • Vigorous growth; quick to reach stage 31 when November sown
  • Medium height and maturity
  • Conqueror type; excellent choice in the late sown slot


Group 4 hards - Breeder: Senova

Costello is a new hard Group 4 feed wheat combining all of the features now desired on farm – exceptional grain quality in all conditions, excellent disease resistance, very high yields and short, stiff straw. The superb grain quality of Costello across a range of seasons and conditions and excellent disease resistance provide a wider range of market opportunities and offer the grower security, both in crop management and at harvest.

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